How to Make Money as a Ghostwriter (Part 1)

Are you a talented writer? Do you find it easy to patch words together when writing or can you quickly switch writing tones per write up? Then you should probably try out ghostwriting. It is one of the primary ways to earn money from writing these days, and you can earn relatively higher than a small scale writer or mere freelancer. As you read on, you will understand why clients pay ghostwriters more.

What ghostwriting entails

Ghostwriting as a profession involves writing for other people for money. Unlike what you may be thinking, ghostwriting does not pertain to stories only. You may be asked to write a bio, a self-help book, a business guide or even a movie script; but this time, you won’t get any credit for it. It simply means that you get to write a whole book or a significant part of it, without an acknowledgment. Do you now see why the pay is often high?

However, some clients do not mind giving credit to you for your effort in compiling or writing a book, but many more would rather pay huge and place their names on it.

Things to Note

You are forfeiting your rights as the writer of a piece. So it is advisable to try and get deals that pay significantly or at least acknowledge you in some way.

You can get to make huge sums of cash from just one deal.

How much you can earn

As a ghostwriter, you can make $500 to $2000 or even more monthly. It all depends on how packed your customer circle is and how many jobs you can take monthly. Next, we are going to show you how to get these clients and what you must do to get afloat.

Ways to make money with ghostwriting

There are two significant ways to make money with ghostwriting:’

  • Ghostwrite on internet platforms
  • Join a ghostwriting crew

Ghostwriting on internet platforms

You can start working as a ghostwriter from home by trying out the following online platforms/sites:

  • Contena: you can get started on this site and source for clients. The site features a vast host of jobs, and you could quickly get a client.
  • Upwork: this is remarkably one of the best sites to find ghostwriting jobs. This site features hosts of writing projects, both fiction and non-fiction. What distinguishes this site from others is that you can get significant projects ranging from $250 and above. You would need an account with them (you can get that for free), an excellent profile to start with and then you can send bids or orders for jobs.
  • Textbroker: This site is for small jobs and starters. You can use it to develop your skills and then proceed from there. You could earn $1 per 100 words as a beginner and then earn up to $5 per 100 words as a level 5 seller (which is the highest level).
  • Craigslist: this is a ghostwriting site for fiction writers. If you are good with children’s stories, poetry, and fictions, it is a fertile ground to hook up with clients.
  • Association of Ghostwriters: you will need $69 to sign up for this site, but words around the internet have it that it is an excellent place to find clients and network.

In our next episode, we will be discussing how to make money from ghostwriting while working offline.