How to make money from Freelancer

Freelancer is one of the leading freelancing platforms. It allows you to use your vital skills and get paid for them. This site has been active for over six years now, and it has a slightly different method of operation from other freelancing sites. In this article, we will discuss how you can earn on freelancer and what you must do to succeed.

  • Get registered

Firstly, you need to get registered as a service provider. When it comes to registration, it is the same drill as with other sites. They do not charge any fees for sign-ups, and you can get an account by just entering your details. (Don’t expect any sign-up bonuses, but you can get $20 when you invite a friend). While registering, you should be ready to include a name, a password, a functional email and a phone number for account verification.

Tip: look to choose your skillset wisely, because you will only be able to see bids related to the skills you mark.

  • Complete your profile:

Here’s is one of the most critical steps. You must activate your account before you can bid for jobs or start working on any order. In completing your profile, you should enter a catchy but professional self-description; tell your soon-to-come clients about yourself, what you do and what makes your services unique. Then crown it all up with a professional profile photo. (you should use one with a bold smile).

  • Activate the free month trial

Next, you need to activate your free month trial. The deal is, you will have to pay for a full membership package of a hundred bids and above. But for a start, you should download their app and activate your free month trial. If you are proactive enough, you will have earned enough to activate the premium bundle and still have a lot of extra money left for yourself!

The freelancer membership packages include:

Intro: $0.99

Basic: $4.45

Plus: Free (This is where you will start from)

Professional: $25.95

Premier $59.95

  • Bid for jobs:

Once you have entered your card details for the plus membership activation (they won’t deduct anything yet until a month when you need to upgrade); you will need to start biding. Go to ‘my projects’ section and bid for jobs. While bidding, include the amount you want, the freelancer will automatically add up their 10% commission on it.

  • Deliver quality:

Once you have gotten your first set of clients, it is time to start delivering quality. You need to gather as much star ratings as possible, and you won’t get that with poor deliveries.

  • Upgrade your account:

After a month, you will need to purchase a membership package for better jobs.

  • Never stop Bidding:

While you may be lucky with returning clients, it is advisable that you never stop bidding. The more you bid, the more jobs you get. No bids, and you may be moving towards no jobs.

The most exciting factor about freelancer is that their jobs often come with flexible timelines depending on your relationship with your client and most importantly, you get the amount you bided. They only add their rates. That sounds way better than other sites that take your money as commission!

Why not give it try today? Log on to to search for a suitable category and get started.