Make money in your sleep

Making money in your sleep is the most effective way to multiply wealth. However, making money in your sleep doesn’t mean that you only get to sleep and dream about money, but instead it suggests that you have taken enough vital steps that even if during sleep money will be rolling in!

Wouldn’t you like that?  How would you like to earn even while you sleep without necessarily being online or working from your desk?

If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die!
Warren Buffet

Get tired of working for others!

You need to get tired of being someone’s wingman, assistant or employee because if you don’t, you will never think beyond it, looking for ways how you can gather your millions. The truth is this, the person you are working for already knows your worth. It is why they are keeping you close. What if you were independently creating wealth and using these skills of yours for your own benefit?

For every dollar you make under someone, you can make multiple dollars working for yourself.

So, get started with your own thing. Start on the side, in your spare time and then declare your independence when you start earning enough to be able to sustain your lifestyle.

Businesses that Allow You to Earn in Your Sleep.

As a writer, you get paid when writing or thinking about what to write. As an offline world salesman, you only get paid for the time you spend marketing and closing sales. As a tutor, you get paid for the hours you spend teaching. All of those are active incomes and  do not equate with making money in your sleep. Here is an example of a potential business that you can create once and then reap the rewards for a long, long time.


Blogging can fetch super passive income! You only need to spend time researching, writing and posting online. After that you will sit back and get paid per click, purchase or view from the ads that you can be showing inbetween your content or from the products you promote, sponsorship deals you land etc. It all depends on how well you are able to connect with your audience, give value to your readers and bring them back for more!

How to make it work:

  • Start a blog: Firstly, you need to start a blog in a niche you are very familiar with. It could be literally anything, be it accounting, medicine, relationships, lifestyle, etc. With the scale of the internet, there are tens of thousands of people interested in your niche, no matter how small it is! You only need to ensure that you are well grounded in what you start so that you will able to offer real quality to visitors.
  • Post quality content: Next, you need to post quality content that will offer people real value and cause them to click and read. What if you are not a great writer? Well, there is a way to go around it… Hire a freelancer! Many freelance writers will write a quality article on almost any topic, but… Of course, this will cost you.
  • Apply Google Adsense or similar: This is where some of your earnings can comes in. Read about Google Adsense program and what criteria you have to meet to get accepted and add ads on your blog.
  • Traffic: Promote your blog online to make sure people see it! This can be done via paid and free methods that you can read about online.
  • Attach affiliate links: Next up, you can attach affiliate links to your blog and promote products and services connected to your niche. You will want to make sure you are promoting a quality product. After all, this is where the value is and this is what your readers will expect.

With a running blog, clicks and purchases will be made even in your sleep!