5 ways to make $50 as soon as today

What if you knew 5 legitimate ways that could earn you $50 in one day? What if you could earn that much without even leaving your room? Guess what, it doesn’t have to be a simple wish anymore, so go ahead and read more!

Your earnings do not have to come in millions for it to matter. You can gather $50 a piece from different sources and income routes. After all, most millionaires today are known because they could pull funds from different sources. So buckle up and let’s share 5 ways to earn $50 daily!

  1. Take Surveys With Mindswarm:

We are talking about making $50 per day, you should be rest assured that mindswarm wouldn’t be on this list if it doesn’t pay that much. Also, allow me to surprise you a little bit. You can actually make 50 bucks in just 20 minutes with this site. But it doesn’t come as easy as other surveys do, you will need a functioning webcam on your mobile device, or PC or at least have one connected to it. That is because they only accept video surveys.

Yes, you read that right, but that just about the difference. These guys would allow you to carry out surveys once you are fully registered but the process isn’t that excruciating either. Also, they allow you to cash out your funds a day after it is earned via PayPal.

Mindswarm also gives out a whopping $50 for successful sign ups that meet their requirements, so with a good signup and a 20 minutes survey, you would have earned $100 your first day!

If I were you, I’d start making searches about this already!

  1. Take on tasks with Task Rabbit:

You can complete jobs and tasks on TaskRabbit and earn $50 on the spot. Usually the site merely links you with individuals who have home tasks like clean ups, book shelf arrangements, TV mounting, delivery of materials to other locations, etc. It allows you to run small errands and get paid for it. Working on TaskRabbit is no big deal, you will be working with persons who have small tasks they for one reason or another cannot do themselves. You can check-out your daily $50 from TaskRabbit and enjoy your money unapologetically.

  1. Write reviews on UserTesting:

With UserTesting, you can earn $50 today without breaking a sweat. Usually, the site allows you to get paid for your feedbacks about sites and platforms allocated to you. They would allow you to go through an assigned site, use it, complete some tasks on it, and then demand that you enter records of your experience. Each task may take up to ten or twenty minutes to complete and they pay $10 per survey. Take five of these and you are done for the day with at least, 50 bucks to your credit!

  1. Paint:

Get your brushes and paint rollers and start painting your way into $50 today. Clients will come easy because a lot of people actually view this job as menial and unpleasant. Trust me many people do not want to get paint in their clothes, and you can take that chance to do the job for them and get paid. If you are confused about where to start from, try out shops in public places, many of them don’t look so good; you could offer them your services.

  1. Take Surveys with Swagbucks:

This is strategically placed at the bottom because you would have to be consistent to earn $50 daily. Swagbucks allows you to take short surveys for $3 or more and you could also play games, watch videos and surf the internet with their browsers for increased earnings.

Got other ideas? Let us know!