7 work from home ideas for home staying moms

Are you a home based mom and are looking for ways to earn money from the safety of your home? Then you don’t have to worry, we have compiled 10 work from ideas that can sustain you full time with enough entrepreneurial action-taking!

Here is some work from home ideas, we have carefully chosen jobs that are easy to do and those that will not obstruct your daily routine. Read on and find one that suits you best.

For home based moms

  1. Sew dresses:

It is time to start a fashion line if you are skilled at sewing dresses. The truth is that there are a lot of people looking for how to get pretty dresses with lesser price tags. Give your brand a name today and start making dresses. You don’t have to source for clients for a start, you only need to focus on making ‘wowing’ dresses for yourself and your family, and whenever someone compliments it, let them know you are the seamstress. Then open up a social media outlet and attach it to your original profile. Post your dresses online and market your skills and you are set to go!

  1. Bake foods:

Go on and turn your oven into an enterprise. You can bake cup cakes, birthday cakes, burger buns and even doughnuts for sale. Kids love these and soon enough you are going to be in hot demand. You could place a small sales shop in front of your home and display your wares. Get a complimentary card and also market yourself as much as possible. This can earn you a full time income.

  1. Make Chapman and other soft drinks:

What happened to some home-made fruit juice? You are a woman and no one is going to doubt how tasty it will be. You could brand your products and send them out for sale. Don’t forget to chill them before sales and you could deal with any school close-by and deliver there.

  1. How about pop corn?

How about you pop some corns add some sweetening and sell? What if you did this from home, right in front of your house?

  1. Become a transcriptionist:

Are you fast when it comes to typing? Then you should probably consider becoming an online transcriptionist. You will need to transcribe audio files into word documents. You may also have to transcribe videos and oral interviews too. If you understand two or more languages, that will be a great plus. Check out sites like Fiverr, Transcribe Me, and Quicktate for transcription opportunities.

  1. Tutor:

Do you have a knack for explaining things to people? Then you could tutor from home, share your knowledge and make money. You will need to take lessons, grade tests and make videos for your students. You should check out Kaplan, Pearson Education, and tutor.com for tutoring opportunities.

  1. Be a brand advocate:

Lastly, let’s go a little bit virtual. You can become a brand advocate, advertise their products, chat with online visitors and also give advice or recommendations concerning products. See it as an opportunity to share your favorite finds and brands wit others. Usually, sites that offer opportunities like this pay $9-$12 per hour. With 6 hours daily, you would have earned $60 to say the least. You can check out needle.com to become a brand advocate.

All of these can be summarized into marketing your skill. Also even if you believe you do not have a skill already, you could easily work on one today, there are series of videos on YouTube that can direct you and many articles online too.