Part-time gigs that make you $200/week (easy)

Welcome to the new money making train called ‘earning big this week.’ All passengers onboard are moving towards the same direction, and in this episode, we are going to discuss how you can earn 200 dollars next week from a part-time job.

Hold on; did the last line sink? I think you should reread it.

Earning $200 per week!

That means with the soon to come suggestions; you will be able to pocket an extra $800 apart from your steady or monthly income. I don’t know about you, but I am pretty sure that is a fairly significant sum for a lot of people!

Part-time Jobs that can fetch you up to $200 weekly

Below are some jobs you could do part-time and few times per week and earn significantly.

  • Walk dogs: don’t you dare frowning upon this gig! Dog walkers earn at least $20 per hour for walking dogs, and if you could go only twice a day, for five days, you would have made $200 for the week. The fantastic thing about this is that you could harmonize it with your morning and evening walks. Why not just pick up a client’s dog and walk them down the road for an early morning walk? You could schedule 2 walks for each weekend days, and your least stressful day in the week for another double routine. That way, your week days wouldn’t have to be clogged up as you work part time. Trust me; it is not a bad idea. You get to lose some weight, exercise without stress daily, play with cute dogs and catch the early morning joggers too (if you know what I mean).
  • Resell Thrift Store Items: No, they are not just junks. There are a lot of guys recycling thrift store items on ebay and even craiglist. The exciting thing about these items is that you could stumble on precious stuff in them and just one sale would offset all your investments. Moreover, they often cost lesser, and you could quickly rebrand them, paint if necessary and display it for sale.
  • Babysit: babysit some cuties and get paid for it. There are many busy mums, dads, and families out there who are earning well enough to pay their babysitters sufficiently. You can make up to $200 or even more babysitting and trust me; some days are going to be work free with the baby napping all through.

Note: you don’t have to be a full-time babysitter, you can find a client who needs assistance during your free days, or open hours.

  • Tutor Kids: Tutor Kids at your free hours. You can earn $20-$50 per hour for tutoring kids. Interestingly, you could even earn more than that if you have high bargaining power with your clients. With a 50 dollar deal, you would only need two kids to tutor on Saturdays and Sundays, and you would have made $200.
  • Mow Lawns: How do you spend your Saturdays? If you aren’t working up yourself, it is time to try mowing some lazy lawns and getting paid for it. You can earn $200-$400 weekly from this endeavor, and yes, it will be part-time. So, turn your wealthy, neighbors into customers. Ask them if they could use some assistance with their lawn and state your prize.