7 work from home ideas that you can work full-time

Do you spend most of your days at home and are you thinking of ways you could earn money while you do so? Then keep on reading to see 7 jobs you could do from home and earn full time income.

Making extra money is always a wish. Everyone wants to earn more, make more and save more money. Even the richest men in the world aren’t just lying around doing nothing. Here are some ways you could make a full time earning by working from home:

  1. Write online:

You can become a writer or an editor today and earn full time income from it. A lot of people are earning it big with writing platforms and you can too. As a full time writer, you can earn at least $600 to $1000 monthly, or even more depending on how well you are able to market your skills, deliver, and sustain your clients. It even gets better when you are ghostwriting – which has a higher pay check. (You can learn more on how to make it as a ghostwriter here). There are many sites where you can write and get paid including: freelancewriting.com, freelancer, fiverr, and even flex jobs.

  1. Become a virtual assistant:

Become a virtual assistant and work as an online administrative assistant. As a virtual assistant, you may be composing correspondence, calendar management, and most commonly, carrying out data entry for your employer. You can earn an average of $15 per hour and you can get jobs from sites like: Elance/Odesk, VANEtworking.com, Zirtual.com, and HireMyMom.com.

  1. Freelance with your skill:

Number one on our list identified writing as a method of earning money from home. You can on the other hand, make money online by freelancing with your skill. You do not have to be a writer to work on freelancer and fiverr. You could design logos and banners, you could make animations and art, and you could sell just about any artistic skill on Esty too.

  1. Become a Website Tester:

Become a website tester today and give reports about your experience with sites. You may be required to write reviews and critique sites that you visit, but this time, you would be earning roughly $12 per hour. You can check what users do, User zoom, TryMyUi, and UserTesting for website testing opportunities.

  1. Become a customer service representative:

Become an online customer service representative; answer questions, attend to customers’ complaints, troubleshoot problems and track orders and get paid. You will be earning at least $12 an hour working as one. You can check out liveops and working solutions to become one.

  1. Run errands on thumbtacks:

Thumbtack is a site like TaskRabbit and they allow you run errands for money too.

  1. Affiliate Marketing:

Here’s a full income opportunity! Google it and you’d be shocked with the figures you can make in a few months. You can work as an affiliate marketer from home and earn more money than some do with offline businesses. Affiliate marketing is great in that you can choose any niche you like and promote products in about 1,000 different ways, build your audience… Opportunity is fantastic and we at YourWealthGenerationSecrets love affiliate marketing ourselves. Definitely give it a go! You can look for affiliate products at sites like Clickbank.