How to make $100 weekly from chatting

What if you could make money from chatting and making calls? What we mean here is chatting alone, that is, you do not need to market anything or sell anything or even have any technical skill! You only need to be able to speak English, sustain conversations and boom you can make up to $100 weekly or even more. Read on to find out more details.

Certain sites have made it possible to chat and earn, and in this article, we will discuss one of the leading ones which is Cambly.

What is Cambly?

Cambly is a website that pays you per hour for chatting from anywhere in the world with people across the world. Not only does this site allow you chat and get paid, but they also give you the opportunity to mingle with foreigners and you can tutor, share your knowledge or talk about things you find interesting.

How much do they pay?

Cambly pays users $0.17 per minute, and that will equate to 10.20/hour. So with an hour and thirty minutes chat every day, you would have earned more than $100 in a week. If you are a social media inclined person, you may even spend more time than that on Facebook or other chatting platforms without getting even a cent back; but now you could channel that energy into earning. Cambly sends payments via PayPal every Mondays, and you can withdraw whatever it is you were able to earn during the previous week.

How to get started

  • Open an account

Firstly, you will need to get an account. You can visit their official website, and sign up to get started. As usual, you will need to enter your details and set up your profile before you can start receiving calls and chatting. You can also download their app for easier access to the site.

  • Set your priority hour

This is not a must, but if you want to earn huge with Cambly, you will need to set your priority hours. This is the number of hours you will be available. Once this is set, your profile will be automatically activated during those hours and others will be able to chat and call you.

  • Chat, and receive calls

After all, is said and done, you can start chatting, mingling and receiving calls. The exciting part is that you can turn your profile on or off; this means that when you are available, you could turn it on and chat, but when you are unavailable, you can quickly put off your profile.

  • Make money

Chat on make money and cash out every Mondays.

What’s in it for Cambly?

The site is majorly patronized by foreigners who would like to improve their grammar and the way they speak, by frequently chatting in English and learning from there. So, how about you leverage your language and make money? This is a great way to meet new people, break your daily routine and help your new friend practice English. Give it a try and earn some cash for that extra pizza for the movie night!