Creating A Successful Daily Work Flow Structure

There are always great rewards for being organized and focused throughout the entire day. Waking up and knowing exactly what to do, how to do it and the best way to do it to ensure to get the best results as well. As it is known that a great day shows in the morning; with a well-thought-out morning routine, things easily fall in place and work in your favor for the better part of the day.

However, it is not an easy task to come up with a daily workflow structure considering your energy levels as well as the demands that the day may have for you. There are some people who have an easy time to plan their work schedules while there are those whose days are filled with constant surprises and impromptu events. For this reason, there is no universal schedule that is standard for everyone, and besides, every individual has their personal strengths and weaknesses in terms of being productive and in managing themselves.

There are some ways that can help you in coming up with a daily workflow structure and routine that will suit you as an individual.

• Find out which part of the day is your most productive period. For some, the morning is the best time, others prefer the afternoon while some reach their peak performance levels in the evening. Once you have discovered what works best, consider a functional routine.

• You could try to emulate what other successful people do to get through their day successfully. Experimenting with different schedules is helpful in helping you discover what works best.

• For an even more productive day, you could consider not beginning your day with emails since they are work-related tasks for other people. Begin the day by doing something soothing for yourself. For instance meditating, yoga or some type of exercise routine that you enjoy.

• Consider motivating yourself by visualizing what you would like your tasks to look like after you have completed them. It is better to see the result instead of writing it down. The picture in your mind could give you the extra push you need.
There are some tried techniques that could also be helpful in helping you stay organized and specific all day long. They are as follows;

i. The time blocking method allows you to plan your day by dedicating specific time frames for specific tasks. To do this successfully, you must be aware of what you want to do before including it in your calendar. Once this is done, try to follow the time allocations accurately as per the calendar. Ensure that you are clear on your proactive and reactive tasks, block and schedule them according to your energy levels during the day.

ii. Considering the Most Important Task Method helps you to focus on what you urgently need to do during the day. It is better to pick the three most essential things instead of an endless list. You may do more than three jobs in a day but knowing what your day is dedicated to makes it much easier.

iii. The Pomodoro Technique involves working short intervals that are more intense. Set a timer; for instance, 25minutes (Pomodoro session), once the timer goes off, take a 5minute break. Set another 25minute interval and take a longer break. With each Pomodoro session, take a longer break to ensure your mind is well relaxed before taking on the next period.

iv. It is important to note that the human mind works using the Ultradian Rhythms. The Ultradian Rhythm is a 90minute cycle with a 20-30minute break. During each of these cycles, there is a peak when energy levels are highest and also when they are the lowest. In this case, you can work for 90minutes and break for 20minutes before taking on a new cycle. Using stimulants such as coffee do not really change this cycle but instead could lead to a complete system crash before the end of the day.

Coming up with a daily workflow structure that makes you most productive is entirely a personal journey. Consider mix-matching these methods to come up with a hybrid that will serve you best. For instance, the Most Important Task method could go hand in hand with the Time Blocking Method while Pomodoro sessions are good with the Ultradian Rhythms of 90minute each. It is your duty to stay accountable for every second in your life. This makes it more productive and in the long run, successful.