How To Make Money On Ebay

Looking for ways to make extra money on eBay this article will give you some ideas you might not of know existed and how you can make money on eBay with no selling or stock, shipping, hassles or fees that eBay sellers have. There are numerous ways to make money on eBay, the most commonly know is by selling products or services using eBay auctions or classifieds.

Very few people know that eBay has its own affiliate program called the eBay partner network and that this is one of the most profitable affiliate programs online. The affiliate can earn money from several countries in the eBay partner network just by sending traffic to auction listings and eBay stores. They don’t need to stock any products, deal with any customers, handle shipping and there are zero fees. Every cent you earn is yours and eBay pays like clockwork once a month all account balances over $5 dollars directly to the affiliates PayPal account.

What are different ways to make money on ebay

1. You need to join eBay as affiliate. An affiliate is someone who promotes products that someone else has produced and takes a Share in the profits. In this instance, you’re going to promote eBay auctions and they’ll pay you a commission for sending traffic over to them. Once you’ve set that up, log into your account and have a feel for what you can use from their tools section. They provide graphics, text links and different widgets to promote from.

2. Once you’ve signed up you’ll need to grab yourself a free website. Simply type into Google “Free Website” and it should bring up a nice list of options for you. Now, don’t worry if you haven’t got a degree in computer science. Most of these websites have a “WYSIWYG” type function. This is a “what you see is what you get.” Kind of like using word and just as easy.

3. Now that you’ve got a free website. Access you eBay affiliate account and choose one of the many widgets or graphics. These are going to be embedded into our new website to create content.

4. Go over to eBay pulse and find out what product is most searched for. Go into each category in more detail to find some really cool niche markets. I always use the Camera and Photo section – Hasselblad Camera as an example of a hungry niche market with their credit cards at the ready.

5. Go over to article directory band find an article that matches the product topic and click on “article Publisher” which is in the top right hand corner.

6. You can either copy or paste the HTML version of the article or the plain text version. If you’re not that programmer savvy it’s probably best to opt for the text version.

7. Now that you have your text version embedded into your new website. Simply add the graphics or widget and you’re good to go.

8. Rinse and repeat this with different articles and products. Better still, once you’ve become more experienced, you can start to write your own small review of each product as well. The search engines love original content and will spider your site on regular basis if you keep adding it.There you go the fast and free method of making money on eBay with very little money.

9. Visit car boot sales – This is one of the most under-used tactics in the list. So many people don’t really know the value of what they’re selling. You can pick up lots of bargains using the buy cheap, sell high philosophy.

10. Visit charity shops – One of my clients literally makes a living out of cheap Mens suits from these charity shops. I think it’s because the perceived value is quite low but once listed on eBay with some nice pictures, a killer headline and description. You’re able to ramp the price up and make a nice tidy profit.

There are many affiliates earning over a million us a year and as they have no or very little overheads this is an extremely profitable way to make money online. There is however a downside eBay to protect them have quite strict criteria for accepting affiliates and approval is not automatic. You can however access a free guide which explains how to go about being accepted into the eBay Partner program even if you have been declined before.