Part 1 of Attraction Marketing Series: How To Get Free Leads For Any Offer Using Your Facebook

There are many methods and marketing strategies to drive traffic to whatever it is that you’re promoting. Today, we will share with you the strategy and method that many people in the affiliate and coaching world use to get first several clients.

It is something so simple that many have a hard time believing it’s true and effective…

It’s something that most of you already heard of but likely discounted it because of its simplicity…

And yet, when done right, this strategy can bring almost endless free leads that are reaching out to you asking and looking for more information about you and your offer.

This method is so powerful that it positions you as a leader and an authority in your niche, establishing instant credibility and trust.

We often call it: Attraction Marketing.

You may be saying: “Oh, I’ve heard it before!” Maybe you tried it, with limited success.

But deep down you know it works, because you’ve seen the online gurus who seem to make high ticket sales one after another with seemingly no effort!

In fact, a good friend of mine used it to get his first 15 clients for a VIP coaching program. How would you feel if you made 15 high ticket sales? For many, the commission from it could last them a quarter or even half a year!

The beauty of this is everyone who reads this is able to replicate these results if they follow the right formula. All you need is a Facebook profile, 20-30 minutes a day, every day, consistently, and within a week you can go from 3-5 likes and 1 comment on your post to 100 likes and tens of comments.

We know it sounds like another hyped up testimonial, but it actually happened and is easy to replicate (and I mean it when I say this).

You need a few things done right to make it work:

1. Make the most out of your profile. Make a good first impression and don’t make the usual mistakes! We go over more details about a profile in part 2.

2. Create engaging consistent content, post it regularly. We will look into this in part 3.

3. Create engagement with audience by devoting 20-30 minutes a day to Facebook feed

4. Keep your friends list efficient, “dead wood” needs to go! Look for part 4 to get more details.

5. Build rapport, connect and network over messenger. Then close! I will share some tips around this in part 5, but this is a skill that you will be sharpening all the

I go over each of these steps in separate articles so that you can come back to them easily. The method really works great, but there are a few rules you have to follow to really make the most out of it. The thing with methods like these is that they work when you follow the steps 100% accurately.

Follow the steps 70%, 80% or 90%… And you may get 0% results! This is simply because just one of these little details that you think don’t make that big of a difference can be what separates the average from the great.

Are you excited? See you in part 2!