Part 4 of Attraction Marketing Series: How To Make Others Interested In You And Get Free Leads The Right Way

Getting free leads using Facebook and and 20-30 minutes a day sounds a bit too good to be true, but if you are following our articles series you are starting to realize it’s actually possible and quite logical.

People respond to good content, they want to know more about interesting people (which, if you are following our tips, you are becoming!) and if your product or service is what they can benefit from they are infinitely more likely to trust you and follow your recommendation.

In this article, we go over the aspect of attraction marketing that causes the most controversy. Sharing stories about yourself.

Funny, isn’t it? We are often shy when it comes to showing what the details of our life! It’s not even about privacy concerns! We’re worried it’s not interesting enough, not good enough… After all, who is interested in knowing what my favourite mug is?

I have a surprise for you… Have you ever watched a reality show? I bet you have – all of us did at some point. Which part of it drawn you to stay and watch just a little longer? The truth is, we’re naturally attracted to others and interested in how others live. It doesn’t have to be overly crazy, doesn’t have to be controversial (although all these help).

Think about it for a minute, why are pictures of food so popular on social media? Exactly.

The mug example is a real one too. One of the types of content that a friend of mine uses for his posts is a picture of him in the morning, standing in his kitchen with his favourite mug in hand.

He doesn’t use it all the time, but it probably became one of the most famous mugs within his circle of influence. I’m sure you have something like that in your life. A daily routine, a place you often visit, a tool you use all the time. It makes for a perfect image to accompany your post!

Another common fear is showing your face. Honestly, people on your Facebook already know what you look like. Shocking – I know. Your hair doesn’t have to be perfect (in fact, imperfect hair makes you look more normal, more natural). As long as the lighting is good you are good to go! Lower your bar for what “good” picture of you is – it will work wonders.

You may now be wondering what to write in addition to the photo. While photo alone is a good start, writing a few sentences that describe your struggles, challenges, goals, actions you took, your hopes, dreams and things you found inspiring, they all make for a great content!

Sure, you may not be a prize-winning writer after just a few posts, but remember our motto in this article: “lower your bar for what good is”. You are your own harshest critic and just putting your thoughts out there is often enough!

To close this off, a word on what to avoid.

Sharing random posts you saw around Facebook. This has never worked for anyone and the chances that will work for you are pretty slim (OK, they are zero). Especially if you don’t add any word of your own to the post you’re sharing. We all know people who are a compulsive sharers – don’t be one of them.

Hope this gives you some great ideas. Make sure you check out other articles in this series to get the full picture!

See you in Part 5