Part 5 of Attraction Marketing Series: Finding The Right Prospects On Facebook

In this part of the Facebook free leads series we are looking at one of the most interesting topics to me which is finding the right Facbeook friends to connect with!

If you have followed our series so far (and you probably should if you are interested in free unlimited leads from Facebook! Make sure to start with part one), you may be thinking: “great, I post regularly, I post good content, I optimized my profile like you suggested, but not much is happening!”

Sounds about right? This is because you are lacking the connections that are interested in your products or services. It’s actually quite normal to be in this situation – after all, most people don’t think about Facebook as a place to connect with people and do some business together. We will change that for you because it is in fact an amazing place to do just that.

First of all, you need to understand how Facebook looks at engagement. Who do you think has a more engaged audience?

1. Person with 2,000 friends where 50 like their post (2.5%)
2. Person with 500 friends where 50 like their post (10%)

The second person has four times the engagement rate than the person #1 even though they have four times the amount of friends!

This is huge and a reason why “collecting friends” is not a good strategy. Your engagement rate matters a lot and the higher it is the more organic reach your posts will get, the more likes and comments your posts will get and the more leads you will be able to generate!

Best way to start is going through your current list of friends and making sure you remove:

– People who have deleted or deactivated their profile. You will be surprised how many you’ll find!
– People that you actually don’t know, never spoke to, they never interact with your posts and you likely wouldn’t say hello if you saw them on a street. They just decrease your
engagement rate!
– People that you used to know but you don’t keep in touch with them anymore. It may feel a bit strange to remove them from your friends list, but they’re not really your friends anyway
– They’ll just hold your posts back from reaching its full potential!

This is a review that you should perform regularly. Possibly once a month.

The second part of this is finding the right contacts to connect with. How do you do that?

Groups and relevant fanpages are where you want to be active. For example, in personal development niche, you can follow pages like Robert Kiyosaki & Tony Robbins. Whenever they make a post make sure you reply with a comment that is relevant to their content and provides value to others.

This may sound complicated by actually isn’t… There is a little trick you can employ here. The posts on these fanpages will usually be within one theme, for example: financial freedom.

You can go into search engine and type “financial freedom quotes” to get some interesting ideas of what a value-giving comment could look like. Choose something you like and describe it in your own words or add your own comment to it. You will be surprised how good people will respond and how many interesting and good leads you can get doing this regularly!

In fact, a friend of mine got a response from Robert Kiyosaki himself! He got pretty excited about that one, I have to say. And all these people looking at your comment will be checking out your profile – which hopefully you have now optimised!

So prepare for an avalanche of friend requests and upgrade the quality of your friends list!