Why Facebook Pixel Is The Holy Grail Of Making Money With Facebook Ads

Making money on the internet can be done in a multitude of ways. Some are smart and efficient, some are difficult, technical and not utilizing the power of all the tool available to businesses or individuals looking to promote their products or services online.

At the time of writing this article, probably THE most powerful tool at your disposal when it comes to internet marketing is Facebook pixel and the opportunities it offers. I cannot overstate how important this little bit of code is to the success of any business online.

What is a Facebook pixel? Actually, what is a pixel code?

Facebook pixel is a tracking pixel in a form of a short code that you put on your website and spread across all your pages. The task of a tracking pixel is to gather data about users and their behaviours – which pages they visit, how long are they staying on the website, where are they from (based on IP address) etc.

There are several tracking pixels to choose from online so what makes Facebook pixel so special? Well, it connects the user who visited your website to a personal profile on that social media platform… In effect, you are able to know (without any personally identifiable data of course!) exactly who visited any of your pages!

If configured correctly, you are also able to tell who signed up to your email list if you’re using an email capture page, who added items to carts, initiated checkouts and purchased if you’re running an online store… You are even able to tell who viewed a particular item in your store’s catalog!

Why is this important and so powerful?

This is extremely useful because of two options that Facebook makes available to you. First option is ad retargeting. Imagine you have an online store selling five different t-shirts. By using Facebook pixel correctly you are able to target people who viewed a particular t-shirt in your store with the picture of the t-shirt they viewed! This makes your advert very personalized and showcases the actual interest that your potential customer expressed.

You can show your ads to people who added an item to cart but didn’t buy. Perhaps offering them a simple 5% discount will make them come back and finish their order?

The same holds true for services. Imagine you’re a dentist that offers teeth whitening, teeth checkup and other treatments. Have each service described on a separate page. This way, you will know which visitors looked at teeth whitening and which have other problems. Construct an ad that will address each need separately to the right people – BOOM! Effects of ad retargeting are currently blowing any other internet marketing method out of the water!

That’s great, but is that it?

Not at all! The real power comes in the second option… Lookalike audiences.

How would you like Facebook to work for you and search people very similar to those who are already your customers or expressed interest in what you have to offer… And then show these people your ads? Wouldn’t that be amazing and extremely helpful to you?

That’s exactly what lookalike audiences are! I have been using these for a while now and I must tell you, spending money on these audiences was where most of the profit is made.

So make sure that whatever you do, you install Facebook pixel on your website (it’s easy to do) and you’re gathering data to make Facebook work for you – even if you don’t plan to run any ads at the moment!